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"I met Darin in 1997 while performing together at UT Tyler. Several years later, our paths crossed again in Dallas where I founded a talent agency. I offered to represent him and we’ve been working togetherever since! Darin is a talented performer, always professional and reliable,and most importantly just a wonderful person to know. I look forward to many more years of friendship and professional collaboration!"

Teresa Andrion

Core Talent

"Darin’s skill set is astounding. As a teacher and coach, he has given me the confidence to do things I never thought I could do. It is always so enjoyable to work with Darin and the improvement in my singing and acting has been exponential. Darin’s work on stage is fabulous as well. Darin’s talent is amazing and he has the breadth of many years experience and is always professional. Meeting Darin is a must do!"

Tara Blair

"It’s always a pleasure working with Darin, where it’s as one of talents in an Elizabeth Arden video or as a Makeup Artist for a video or an in-store event he is both professional and a great collaborator. His acting skills and make-up artistry have proven invaluable. He would be a pleasure to work with for any opportunity that may come up. He’s smart, funny, and great to work with."

Anessa Woolford

Regional Education Executive

Elizabeth Arden

"It is an honor and pleasure to include a testimonial for “Darin Glen Fimple – November Song Productions”. My experience with Mr. Fimple is rather unique, as contrary to the mass of his clients, I am neither an actor, singer or musician, but one whom has a fascination and love for the theater and arts. Totally going out on a limb I inquired about Darin’s guidance as to how to become more “Involved and educated” about these areas and specifically the Dallas/Ft. Worth community. I am ecstatic to report that I have had the pleasure of becoming involved with multiple area theaters and theater groups and most recently was appointed to the advisory board of a community theater in Richardson, Texas. Darin has a broad band of expertise, knowledge and networking contacts to assist even those of us whom are not in the above categories, but yet wish guidance and education on how to further enjoy, appreciate and become involved in excitement. Darin is being exceptionally modest when he says he hopes to meet and even exceed your expectations, HE DOES IT WITHOUT FAIL."

"Evita" "Wow, what a show!!! The RCT Company continue to prove how talented and phenominal they are. The combination of Laura Alley, Darin Fimple and Max Swarner to play the lead roles, shot this production straight to the top on what has been offered in the DFW area. Congratulations!"

Robert Steele

"ASecret Garden" "The entire cast is absolutely solid in their musicianship. Jaw-droppingly-gorgeous voices abound. I cannot emphasize enough how talented this group is vocally, it was thrilling hearing them sing. On top of that, many are also very good actors. Standouts include Darin Fimple whose baritone voice projects a palpable tension and subdued rage found in his character Dr. Neville Craven."

"Evita" "Darin Fimple plays Juan Peron. He certainly looked and acted the part. His baritone voice was very expressive. I could spend the day listening to this man sing, his voice is that good."

"Footloose" "The intolerant Rev. Shaw Moore was a standout and played with lots of intensity by Darin Fimple. It was a gutsy performance."

Mark-Brian Sonna

MBS Productions-Pegasus News

"Footloose" "It is the acting of some thespians in this cast that does shine brightly within their talents. The best scene work appears in the second act between Darin Fimple (Rev. Shaw Moore) and Ren (Curt Mega). Both actors play off each other beautifully as they discuss and argue about those who leave us. Fimple and Mega bring out touching and painful eloquence from their emotions and the interaction between them rings organic truth."

The Column

"I had the great pleasure of working with Darin in the cast of the musical "A Secret Garden." His lovely baritone voice was perfect for the role, and he managed to find ways to make his character, an antagonist in the story, sympathetic at moments, heightening the poignancy. And I could never say enough about his professionalism, his work ethic, his attention to details, and his kindness to his fellow cast members!"

Nancy Lamb

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