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United We'll Stand

Written, Arranged and Performed by: Darin Glen Fimple

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A native of Southern California, Darin was introduced to the world of entertainment at a very early age. His father worked as a stage hand/technician for NBC, CBS up until his retirement back in the early 2000’s. Born in Van Nuys, California in 1965, Darin’s parents decided to name him after one of his father’s friends in the industry, Bobby Darin…thus the spelling. Darin got his middle name after John Glenn, the Astronaut. Darin’s parents were both artistically and musically inclined. Having a father who worked in the industry, Darin was given the unique opportunity to not only observe artistry in the making, but he was also able to mingle with celebrities and production crew alike.

It was 1970 when Darin made his acting debut in a local production put on by his kindergarten class. That’s all it took and he soon discovered he had the “acting” bug.

In the years following Darin took part in many of his school theatre and music programs, but it wasn’t until his high school years that he really started taking his craft seriously. Around the age of 15 Darin began to take a deep interest in voice and piano. A very influential artist was a Christian artist by the name of Keith Green.

Darin’s parents had Divorced in the late 70’s and in October of 1983 Darin, his mother and two brothers, moved to East Texas. Darin was a senior in high school at the time. After enrolling into a new high school, Darin once again became active in the theatre program there at Gilmer High in Gilmer, Texas where, for the first time in the school’s history, he put them on the map by winning third place for his rendition of King Lear at a regional acting competition, however winning third wasn’t enough for Darin. Though proud of his accomplishment Darin would not be satisfied until he was winning even more prestigious accolades and soon found himself pushing forward with his craft with even more determination.

Darin began spending more and more time exploring and broadening his talent and eventually taught himself to not only play the piano, but he taught himself how to read, compose and orchestrate music…A craft that would later pay off.

In 1984 Darin auditioned for and landed the role of Henry and understudy for the role of Matt in LCT’s production of “The Fantasticks” where he gained the attention of Director, Perry Langenstein who later cast him in such roles as Mordrid in “Camelot and Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet”.

Later that year Darin enrolled into college at East Texas Baptist University where, in addition to his acting, he began to study voice and piano formally. It was during his time at ETBU where Darin was inspired to write material which would eventually be featured on his debut album titled “I Know”.

In 1987 Darin returned to Southern California to pursue his acting career. While there he spent a large amount of time in the studios where his father had been working and rubbed shoulders with people in the industry observing, learning and networking. One afternoon while browsing through the magazine, “The Casting Call”, Darin noticed an audition notice for a production of “Camelot” being produced at the Marsee Theatre in Torrance, California and decided since he had played the role of Mordrid in the show a few years earlier he’d give this opportunity a shot. Darin recalls, “when I walked into that 2000 seat theatre I thought to myself that I would be happy if I can just make the chorus.” Darin did more than that…Much more. Out of the 300 people who auditioned for the role Darin was asked to a call back. It was that evening at call backs, at the end of his second night of auditions, where Darin had been personally approached by the Director and Choreographer with the statement “we’d like for you to play our King Arthur”. Honored nearly beyond words, Darin proudly accepted.

After a very successful run Darin returned to Texas where he decided to continue his education and home his craft. Darin eventually teamed up with his dear friend, Barbara Efurd, where together they went into the studio and produced Darin’s first Christian album project titled, “I Know”. The success of “I Know” led to another Christian album titled, “Lo, He Comes”; all original compositions.

“Lo, He Comes” was released nationally and resulted in an eight state tour, radio play, TV and radio interviews, special appearances as well as many other opportunities.

Still having not completed his degree after two years touring and being on the road Darin decided to slow things down and get back in college. Returning to college proved to open up even more opportunities. Darin continued to perform in theatrical productions, musical productions as well as dance productions while still making special appearances. Darin’s academia career was proving successful as well. He was inducted into honor societies, received numerous scholarships and awards for his acting and music, and was a Who’s Who recipient. Additionally, Darin has been awarded the Irene Ryan ACTF award three times over. Over the years Darin has performed numerous leading roles on stage. In addition to stage work, Darin has appeared in print, on the web, in commercials and television.

Darin continues to be active in the arts and holds an AA, BA and MA in Theatre and Music and looks forward to and welcomes many more years in the industry.

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